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Welcome to the world of ICD

The International College of Dentists (ICD or “College”) has been Honoring the World’s Leading Dentists Since 1920 tm.  Dentists who have been awarded the prestigious title of FICD (Fellow, International College of Dentists) are currently located in 122 countries worldwide.

Fellowship in the College is extended by invitation only. A nominated dentist must pass a rigorous, peer-review process leading to the recognition of the individual’s “outstanding professional achievement, meritorious service and dedication to the continued progress of dentistry for the benefit of humankind.”

Recognizing service and the opportunity to serve

All members of the College regardless of their native language or country of residence, adhere to one universal motto, Recognizing Service and the Opportunity to Serve. The words that appear along the photos highlight the values that define the International College of Dentists as well as the realization of the motto in our projects throughout the world.

The Centennial: Celebrating the first 100 years of the ICD

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 on dentists and dentistry worldwide, the Nagoya Centennial celebrations scheduled for this November have been postponed along with the International Council Meeting to September 20-22, 2021 in Nagoya.  If you are registered for the 2020 Centennial events, we encourage you to leave your registration unchanged so we can apply it to the identical ICD Centennial events in Nagoya in 2021. By keeping your registration unchanged, you will preserve your reservations at the 2021 Centennial events, which were approaching sold-out status for 2020.


In honor of a century of service to mankind, recognition of outstanding dentists, and the pursuit of international cooperation, during all of 2020 and 2021 College Fellows throughout the world will participate in centennial events. All the celebrations will culminate with the 2021 meeting of the International Council in Nagoya, Japan, where The Symposium on College Humanitarian and Educational Projects will be held along with the International Induction Ceremony and Gala Banquet. 


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