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International Council and 
Executive Committee Meetings
2019 Executive Committee Meeting
January 23-25, 2019 

2019 International Council Meeting
October 28-29, 2019


Miami, FL, USA


Starhotel Rosa Grand
Milan, Italy

International Initiation

Contact: Dr. John  Hinterman
Secretary General
Available to Approved Candidates at any Section Meeting

Section Meetings

USA Section I 89th Annual Meetings & Convocation
September 3-6, 2019

San Francisco, CA

Canada Section II

2019 Annual Meeting & Convocation
September 12-14, 2019

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Mexico Section III

2019 Annual Meeting & Convocation

TBD, Mexico

South America Section IV

2019 Regents Reunion & Convocation
September  2019


Europe Section V

Thessaloniki, Greece

India, Sri Lanka, Nepal
Section VI

2019 Annual Meeting & Convocation


Japan Section VII

2019 Convocation

TBD Japan

Australasia Section VIII

2019 Convocation
May 3, 2019

Adelaide, Australia

Philippine Islands
Section IX

51st Annual Meeting & Convocation
January 27, 2019

New Port City, Philippines

Middle East Section X

2019 Annual Meeting & Convocation


Korea Section XI

2019 Annual Meeting & Convocation
June 1, 2019

Seoul, Korea

Chinese Taipei Section XII

2019 Annual Meeting & Convocation
June 2, 2019

Taipei City, Taiwan

China Section XIII

2019 Annual Meeting & Convocation
April 25, 2019

Chengdu, China

Section XV

Bangkok, Thailand


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