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Dental Safety Program

  A Public Health Initiative



The ICD Dental Safety Program (DSP) is an international continuing education initiative adopted by the International Council of the International College of Dentists. The program is designed to increase knowledge, improve attitudes, and implement the safer practice of oral health professionals/personnel to meet standards in infection control and occupational safety. The emphasis of this educational and capacity-building initiative is towards developing nations. The goal is to control the spread of infectious diseases from patient-to-patient, oral health professional to patient, and patient to the oral health professional during the provision of dental care.

   METHODS  The following is our approach:
  • Educational materials – ICD has state-of-the-art educational materials for infection control and dental safety. (see link below)
  • Capacity building within the profession – ICD DSP will deliver an intensive 2-3 day training program intended for dental educators and other trainers of oral health personnel.
  • Educational programs for dental professionals – Educational seminars/workshops will be presented by knowledgeable and experienced ICD DSP Educators. Apart from the educational modules, a Guide for Safety and Infection Control for Oral Health Care Missions Workers will be distributed.
  • Internet-based educational programs – Infection control technique training videos are available at no cost to any viewer, accessed through the link below.
  • Provision of materials and supplies – for oral health care mission workers.
  • ICD Sections, Regions and Fellows are invited to participate in this College–wide initiative by providing any of the following: a) Program venue opportunities; b) Volunteer speakers; and c) Financial support.
  • The ICD Global Visionary Fund shall be a source for financial support.
  • Henry Schein Cares shall be a source of supplies and materials for mission trip workers.




PROGRESS TO DATE: The ICD DSP inaugural presentation occurred in Chengdu, China (May 2015). The program featured a Train the Trainer session and seminar for dental team workers during the “2015 EXPO Exhibition”. The presentations were sponsored by Sichuan University’s West China School of Odonto-stomatology , the Chinese government and ICD Section XIII China. In February 2016, a Train the Trainer & Infection Control program for educators took place at the Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi, to help develop a curriculum in infection control for dental schools in India. Online training videos are accessible for dental personnel by the link below “Download Virtual Training Materials”, at no cost.


Virtual training documents and videos (streaming format) are available by clicking on the link below.

Download Virtual
Training Materials


If you would like to make a donation towards the Dental Safety Program,
you may do so through the
ICD Global Visionary Fund.
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Christine Benoit,
ICD Programs Manager
Raghu Puttaiah,
ICD DSP Scientific Director

The College Office: office@icd.org