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Multimedia Presentations


       Interactive Projects Map Teaser Video 

       The Launch of the ICD Centennial Celebrations!

        Come one, Come all! – 2018 ICD Macau Global Congress


        Past President Joe Kenneally presides over UNE White Coat Ceremony

Project Sonrisa: Supported by FIBUSPAM, ICD Global Visionary Fund and Henry Schein Cares

        Australasia Provides Dental Care in Cambodia 2017

College World Headquarters: Legacy Endowment Launch
(Miami, Florida, USA, February 2016)

        2017 Digital Globe Tutorial

        Interview with 2017 International President Chandna

        Editor and Dir. of Communications Sydney – 2017 Address 

        Secretary General Hinterman – 2017 Address

        Director of Development Dowell – 2017 Address

         Facebook Manager Lunn – 2017 Address

         Year in Review: 2016 President Dowell

Section VII Japan: Video of ICD Founder Dr. Tsurukichi Okumura

ICD supports CDC and WHO hand hygiene videos (September 2016)
(1)Clean Hands Count for Healthcare Providers
(2) Hand Washing Video – CDC
(3) Hand Hygiene – WHO

       Section XX Asia 2015 Video 

       2015 President Kenneally Address to New Fellows

College World Headquarters:  Website tutorial

Section I USA: White Coat Ceremony, University of New England Dental School

Section II Canada: Up Close and Personal Tour of El Salvador Project

Section V European: Learning to be Healthy: a heart warming feature

Section I USA Introduction to the ICD: An outstanding new video 

2013 President Leon Aronson: Address to New Fellows

The President’s Journey: Follow 2012 President Lunn’s Travels 

Section VI India: Orthodontic Project 

Section IX Philippines: Tree Planting Program 

Section  I USA: White Coat Ceremony, University of Southern Illinois

College World Headquarters: International Council Meeting 2011, New Dehli, India