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ICD Original Sound Track ICD Section VI Annual Conference
ICD Projects Map Tutorial Video ICD Macau Congress 2018 Intro. Video
Interactive Projects Map Teaser Video Past President Joe Kenneally presides over UNE White Coat Ceremony
The Launch of the ICD Centennial Celebrations! Australasia Provides Dental Care in Cambodia 2017
Project Sonrisa: Supported by FIBUSPAM, ICD Global Visionary Fund and Henry Schein Cares Section VII Japan: Video of ICD Founder Dr. Tsurukichi Okumura
College World Headquarters: Legacy Endowment Launch
(Miami, Florida, USA, February 2016)
Section XX Asia 2015 Video 
2017 Digital Globe Tutorial Section I USA: White Coat Ceremony, University of New England Dental School
Interview with 2017 International President Chandna Section II Canada: Up Close and Personal Tour of El Salvador Project
Editor and Dir. of Communications Sydney – 2017 Address  Section I USA Introduction to the ICD: An outstanding new video 
Secretary General Hinterman – 2017 Address Section VI India: Orthodontic Project 
Director of Development Dowell – 2017 Address Section IX Philippines: Tree Planting Program 
Facebook Manager Lunn – 2017 Address Section  I USA: White Coat Ceremony, University of Southern Illinois
Year in Review: 2016 President Dowell  
2015 President Kenneally Address to New Fellows  
College World Headquarters:  Website tutorial  
2013 President Leon Aronson: Address to New Fellows  
The President’s Journey: Follow 2012 President Lunn’s Travels   
College World Headquarters: International Council Meeting 2011, New Dehli, India