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The College motto “Recognizing Service and the Opportunity to Serve”  comes alive here with our new interactive Projects Map where you will find all of the humanitarian, educational, public health and leadership projects sustained by ICD Sections, Regions and individual Fellows across the globe. The shear breadth and diversity of ICD projects are visible evidence of the College’s  impact on the public and our profession. Click on the below interactive map to view our  ICD Projects worldwide, or scroll through the complete list of projects at the bottom of the page. 


Click any of the green or purple icons to learn more about an ICD project. Purple icons mean there are more than one project in a given location. By using the Zoom buttons on the right side, you can see the individual projects within an area. Use the Project Type and Status Filters on the left side to narrow your project search.



ICD Projects Listing



The College intends to list EVERY qualified ICD project in our Registry. But we need your help.  Not all projects are known to the College Office. Please submit your project by completing the Project Submission Form below.

If you have questions about criteria for ICD projects’ listing in the Registry, please see the Project Guidelines. To correct, update or inquire about the ICD Project Registry, please contact the College Office.









ICD Projects Submission Form

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