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Part of the Mission of ICD is “dedicated to … the continued progress of the profession of dentistry for the benefit of all humankind.” Toward that goal, each of the autonomous Sections of the College create and sustain    humanitarian projects around the globe.

The compilation of each autonomous Sections’ top five projects of the past five years began as “Project 55”, initiated by 2011 Past President Charley Siroky, and has since been expanded to include all projects in the ICD worldwide.



  • Argentine Public Health Awareness Project
  • Asian Students Support Program
  • Brazil Amazon Project
  • Brazil Kidney Transplant – Prevention and Oral Health Promotion Project
  • Bhattedande Village School Program-Nepal
  • Cambodia Aid Project
  • Chile Earthquake Dental Clinic Project
  • Continuing Education Projects
  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Deep Well Project
  • Dental Outreach Program
  • Cyclone (2008) Victims Project
  • Essay Award Program
  • Fiji Dental School at School of Medicine Fiji National University
  • FLAG Project
  • Faculty Development Workship
  • Gawad Kalinga + ICD Partnership
  • Great Expectations
  • Health Teams International
  • Humanitarian Outreach Programs
  • Individual Fellow Projects
  • International Exchange Programs
  • Individual Humanitarian Projects by ICD Fellows Chi-Chun Liu and Hung-Chin Lin Project
  • Individual Humanitarian Projects by ICD Fellows Hung-Cheng Chiu Project
  • Individual Humanitarian Projects by ICD Fellows Hung-Hui Su Project
  • Individual Humanitarian Projects by ICD Fellows Joseph Shu-Fu Chang
  • Individual Humanitarian Projects by ICD Fellows Yi-Chung Chen and Ta-Wei Lo Project
  • International Student Exchange
  • Israel-IADR Project
  • Journal Program
  • Kyone Village Dental Care
  • Lêdurga Clinic in Latvia
  • Long Tan Preventive Dental Program in Republic of Vietnam
  • Mentorship and Support to Mongolian Dentistry
  • Merit Award Program
  • Myanmar Assistance Program
  • Mongolian Project
  • Nepal Project
  • North Korea Projects
  • Oral Longevity Project
  • Orphanage Dental Program
  • Pan Pin Gone Village Water Supply Project
  • Peru Pachacutec Project
  • Peace Corps
  • Smile Charity Foundation (SCF)
  • South Dagon Water Supply Project
  • South Dagon Township Road Maintenance Project
  • Street Angels Society
  • Student Leadership Program
  • Ukraine Project
  • University of Manitoba Outreach in Bolivia
  • Uzbekistan
  • Village of Hope Dental Clinic
  • White Coat Ceremony

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Download the complete projects list here.