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Section I – United States of America



Section Address:   610 Professional Drive, Suite 201
Gaithersburg, MD 20879, U.S.A.


James C. Setterberg
2020 President
USA Section

Registrar:   Elaine C. Wagner
Phones:   Tel: +1 301-251-8861
Fax: +1 240-499-8975
President:   James C. Setterberg

401 23rd Street, Suite 202
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Phones:   +1 (970) 945-8753
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2020 Officers

James C. Setterberg (Colorado)

President Elect:
Gerald Karr (Tennessee)

Vice President:
Risé Martin (Texas)

Past President:
Peter P. Korch III

Elaine Wagner (Maryland)

Ronald P. Lemmo (Ohio)

Richard F. Roadcap (Virginia)

Deputy Registrar:
Keith Suchy (Illinois)

International Councilors

Margot Culotta-Norton (D.C.)
R. Donald Hoffman (PA)
*Peter Korch, III (PA)
A. Stuart Loos (GA)
Ted Roberson (NC)
Julio Rodriguez (WI)
Jim Setterberg (CO)
Charles Smith (WV)

*chair of the delegation


District 1:
Eliot Paisner

District 2:
Ira Titunik

District 3:
Donald Hoffman

District 4:
Edwin Morris

District 5:
Bradley K. Greenway

District 6:
Arnold Jacobson

District 7:
Daniel Fridh

District 8:
Mary A. Starsiak

District 9:
Stephen R. Harris

District 10:
Timothy R. Langguth

District 11:
David Houten

District 12:
Niki Carter

District 13:
Henrik Hansen

District 14:
David Okano

District 15:
Jay Adkins

District 16:
Mark Crabtree

District 17:
Rodrigo Romano

USA Section Meetings

2020 Spring BOR Meeting & CE Program
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
May 12-14, 2020