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College Office

The College Office is the world headquarters for the ICD, located in Flint, Michigan, USA. The College Office conducts the daily business and affairs of the College and is representative of the International Council. The College Office staff consists of the Secretary General, the Director of Communications, the Director of Development, the Operations Manager and the Communications Specialist, who are all available to assist ICD Leaders and Fellows.

 Dr. Joseph Kenneally
Secretary General
Dr. S. Dov Sydney
Editor | Director of Communications

Dr. Phillip Dowell
Director of Development

Chelsea Segren
Operations Manager
Emily Hayes
Communications Specialist



College Office 
G3535 Beecher Road, Suite G
Flint, Michigan 48532-2700 USA

Phone: 1-810-820-3087    Fax: 1-810-265-7047

E-mail: office@icd.org